Urban Ensemble


Stedenbouwkundig ensemble op een braakliggend terrein in Amsterdam West.


Studie opgave


Amsterdam Oud-West.



Woningbouw, Detailhandel


Baksteen, Hout.


Oude tramremise van Amsterdam .


Transformeren van een open plek naar een stedelijk ensemble, met een gemengd programma. Het creëren van 200 woningen, parkeergelegenheden en ruimte commerciële faciliteiten .


  • Wouter Pops

Urban Ensemble

Urban Ensemble

Description Urban ensemble on a vacant plot in Amsterdam West.
Status Study case
Setting Amsterdam Old-West.
Function Dwelling, Commercial
Material Brick, timber.
Detail dilapidated tram depot in Amsterdam .


Transforming an open space into an urban ensemble with a mixed program.
To create 200 dwellings, commercial space and parking facilities.



This is a proposal for a new development in the ‘Oud-West’ neighbourhoud.
The site originated by the demolished part of the former tram depot, in between the Kinkerstraat and the Bilderdijkkade. The area has a lot of potential becouse of the waterfront and the nearby city centre. The task here is to transform the site into a new ‘urban ensemble’ with mixed use programs. The basic program is to create a housing block (min. 200 dwellings) combined with parking and comercial facilities.

Analyzing the site, brings up a variety of qualities. To begin there is the old tram depot which has a kind of industrial ambience at the westside of the plot. This plan embraces that atmosphere and therefore encourage to renovate the exsting fascade of the tramremise. Also at the southside there is an existing block, defined by a barn that has the same quality as the westdide. The new proposal for the tramremise is intended on the creative industry, this established the idea for a new square at the southwest. Also the existing, cut-off Tollensstraat will be extended, to create a hospital feeling in between the new block and the existing building. At the Bellamyplein-side, the building will respect the shape of the court and follow the triangle shape of the plot. At this site the block will face and overview the intimate atmosphere of the Bellamyplein.
At the waterfront there is a different aproach. Here the block is facing the canalhouses at the other side. The Bilderdijkkade is accesable for cars, therefore the block needs a more closed and stately appearance.

After the outside borders were determined, the block needed to be given the right scale and sculpture. In relation to the surrounding buildings and the requested density, 5 levels for the housing block was appropriate. However to emphasise the new square it needed a bit more height, this is where the 7 and 8 story high appartment blocks come in, with commercial functions in the plint, at the south side of the block.

The last fascade at the Kwakersstraat-side, forms a transition between the east- and westside. This is created by a subtile passage in shape by a setback at the top. The semi-public garden inside gives light and outside space to all the houses. a small informal garden for the groundbound dwellings, and the collective garden for the other appartments. At the same time the garden forms a perforated roof to the parking.